To become a cosmetic company that has benefits for customers, companies, suppliers, and employees in its product class


Being a healthy, efficient, and productive cosmetic company is supported by loyal and reliable human resources, adequate facilities, and keeping abreast of technological advances to accelerate the collection and delivery of product information.

Have a commitment to increase customer satisfaction by producing quality products according to specifications and always on schedule for delivery to customers.

Cosmetic Maklon Process

1. Product Concept

Adjust the product concept to the expected market. In terms of pricing, what goods will be produced, and the quality that will be offered.

2. Brand Patents

Submit your brand.

3. Product Sample

Provided product samples in accordance with customer expectations.

4. BPOM Legality

Management of Notification Circular Permit (NA Number).

5. Selection of Packaging and Product Design

Packaging and label design are suitable to the marketing concept.

6. MOU

Memorandum of Understanding